10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs

 Hey ! looking for some tips and guidance for digital marketing ?

 Once you have decided to sail this boat you must be doing research for your Niche.   Right ?

 You must have googled for gathering required information . Yes ?

  Well I also did same when I started blogging . Actually in this field we have to keep    learning new things that too qualitative lessons .

 We are blessed to have many search engines , weikipedia for all topics but at the     same time we find that it is over flooded with much information .

 And all informations are not appropriate even .

 So we need to be particular about sources and platforms while collecting   information.

  Now question is that why one should follow or read    blogs ?

 Now a days market has become very competitive . If you want to excel you need to be extraordinary.

 To get success on online platform the best practice  is reading as much as you can .   Now a days Marketing is all about learning new strategies and applying them to     your businesses to grow.

Hence the best way to learn new strategies what is better than reading blogs?

Reading a good blog , a nice article makes you a good writer as well . What you consume you deliver that .

  Benefits of reading blogs are :
  • It  improves the marketing skills
  • It  connects you with other bloggers and in digital marketing connectivity is very important.
  • You can attend webinars and seminars directly
  • So you get a platform to build your online presence
  • You stay up to date with the latest trends in your particular industry.
Here in this article I am sharing my favourite blogs which I am following as a freelancer , content writer anddigital marketer.

Top 10Digital Marketing Blogs You Must Follow to Stay Competitive.

Here  I am listing down 10best digital marketing blogs that I think are informative, entertaining, and essential to the marketing community.

1. The Moz Blog :

Being in the field of digital marketing who can better understand the importance of SEO than a digital marketer ?

And there is no doubt that The Moz Blog is one of the best blog to read if you’re looking to stay on top of industry news related to SEO or inbound marketing initiatives.

Key Details : 
  • Founder: Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004.
  • Ahrefs Rank:  562
  • Domain Rating (DR): 91
  • Monthly Search Traffic:  217,714   

       USPs: Every Friday, they post a “Whiteboard Friday” video as part of a recurring series, diving into different topics under the giant SEO umbrella.

     Favourite Post : https://moz.com/blog/google-fresh-factor-new