Satyam Shivam Sundaram !!!

Hi All !

Today is Mahashivratri Puja : one of the most prominent festival celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

This festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This auspicious day is marked as the convergence (marriage )of  SHIVA and SHAKTI .

So on this auspicious day I thought to bring a song for you people dedicated to Shiva.

Today is first day of ” Shahi Snan ” in Haridwar Kumbh so I have also selected a song for you ; just have a dip and find yourself in Meditative mode.

This song is highly rich as an art as all three attributes of this song is an ACE.

Lyrics is awesome you would love each and every word of it . Pandit Narendra Sharma is the lyricist of this soulful song .Do you know he had been personal secretary of Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru and first director of All India Radio’s popular show “Vividh Bharti Service and this name was given by him only .

Composition by Laxmikant -Pyarelal the legends .

and I dont need to mention name of the singer but I would love to add that yes The Great Lata ji PUT LIFE TO THIS SONG.

I will not write much this song sings all praises for itself .

Just listen to this song …. I mean you can watch it .. but would advice to listen it with closed eyes ….don’t forget to put a good quality head phone ….and slip down in deep Meditation .

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