Recreating Magic Of Hindi Movie Songs

Growing up in any culture, all humans go through the process of enculturation. This is the way how we obtain and transmit our culture from one generation to next .

Transferring our culture ,custom , tradition ,root information  , treasure to next generation is an essential act and a very beautiful process. Through this one feel connected to his/her own indigenous identity.Continuing culture is very much important so that next generation should have the knowledge to pass it on for their kids to know about culture ,country .

So through this process  I also received  so many information about our traditions,culture, treasures ,prides of our country.

And I took our own Hindi movie songs ,Hindi classical songs as a treasure . I have huge respect for Singers , Composers ,Lyricists, Instrument players ……I think they are highly blessed children of Ma Saraswati  ( goddess of knowledge and music). They are who bring melody in life .They are a group of creator .

There are so many famous artists worldwide  and I have all praises for all the artists but I have a soft corner and of course a sense of pride for our Bollywood singers . For me  d great  Lata ji ‘s magical voice is matchless in the world . And there is a long list of  amazing  singers in India .They are our pride . So I am trying to pass this treasure, this pride to our next generation through  this platform.

So stay connected ,be a part of this musical journey . Do share it with your friends , family members , add young children to this platform .We should also enjoy melodious songs which we are not doing because of our so called busy schedule .Keep visiting my site, keep enjoying  and stay tuned !!!!

Cheers to MUZIK !!!!


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