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An Introduction To Creating A Perfect And Great Video Thumbnail  _______________________     


Before getting into the details of Thumbnail creation I would like to  give you all an insight of THUMBNAIL and importance of thumbnail creation for You tube Videos .

YOU TUBE :  One Of The Most Effective Digital Marketing Platform

Now a days when we are very much dependent on ONLINE platform for marketing i.e DIGITAL Marketing to survive in the market YouTube has become a powerful digital marketing platform because of its enormous web traffic.Ever since YouTube made its debut in 2005, it has revolutionized video-streaming as a whole, with internet videos now more accessible to a wider audience. … It is no surprise that YouTube is also used as an effective digital marketing platform because of its great impact on web users and web visitors.

So we need to create an impressive and effective video . Right ?
Important elements for creating a Video.

A good content

An Attention-Grabbing Intro with the footage of Brand

Background Music


Clarity of audio

And last but not the least ” THUMBNAIL”

Now a question arises

What is a thumbnail on YouTube? yes what actually it is ?

Well I will be describing all in details .

Just read the article with full focus , you are going to gain knowledge for sure .

So let’s first understand importance of thumbnail for any platform.

Thumbnails are used by various platforms (especially social media) because they’re easier to scan and organize than the original files. These platforms make smaller and easily viewable pages by using thumbnails,and allow users to have control over their choice ,exactly what they want to see.Actually the thumbnail is the first impression of a video, which mainly determines whether people will click through or not.

Thumbnails are  very important for search, related video traffic, and channel page optimization. This visual snapshot of your video is one of the most important optimizations for attracting views on the platform.

The video thumbnails  gives the  viewers a taste of your skills in video-making. No issue  if the clip is small, they can see the concept behind it. If it is eye-catching, then the viewers will expect more once they get to see the video in its entirety.

An engaging video thumbnail image can actually speak to your viewers before they click play. 

As per marketing researches we all know  that people’s attention span is quite short and so we being an Online marketers  have maximum 10 seconds to hook our audience , our customer, our consumer.

We have only  that much time to convince them to watch the videos.

If they will not find an interesting video thumbnail, they will likely move on to the next video on the list. And there  you lose potential subscribers.

Basically a good thumbnail  attracts viewer’s attention and teases them to watch the full video.

So now let’s move towards the creating part :

Before going deep into the technical aspects of thumbnail creation , we need to understand :

What Is A Video Thumbnail?

Well , a thumbnail is a pre-selected frame taken from the body of the video, or an independent customized image that’s uploaded and featured as the “title” frame of the video. It is the image that is visible before you click play. A thumbnail is not defined by the video file; it is set up in the video hosting platform (such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.)

A video thumbnail is a still image that acts as the preview image for the video.

The first thing viewers see when they find one of your videos  are usually thumbnails, and studies say that 90% of the best-performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.

Of course, YouTube thumbnails are mainly used to grab viewer's attention and create curiosity.

But video thumbnails are also specifically designed to perform some specific tasks .

So Let’s summarize

GOALS Of Thumbnails:
  • Effectively showcase the promo of the content of your video.
  • Should be impressive enough to encourage the viewers to click and watch.
  • Impactful enough to differentiate your brand from others, and so make them to stand out above the crowd.
  • Should be device friendly so that it can be easily viewed on any type of device, whether a desktop or a mobile .

Let’s move towards creating part :

How to Create A Perfect Video Thumbnails That Boost Views


Here I would like to share a quote by Anita Roddick which I believe very much; Whatever you do, be different. If you’re different, you will stand out. —

So is the market ; it is very competitive one ,  everybody  is giving their best to excel . We need to be little different so that we can attract our viewers. We have to learn to present same subjects , same message in a more effective way than others ; this is the key rule to stand out in the mob.

Here we go →

The key points which should take care while creating  video thumbnails :

  • You should create your own video thumbnails (avoid auto-select!)
  • Very  creative headlines and use of texts should be included to build engagement of audience .
  • Optimization of  your video for SEO

Now I am drawing a simple outline of the technical part of Thumbnail creation for beginners :

Technical steps to create : Basic Thumbnails

Before I will write more about how to get creative ; let’s have a look of technical steps to create a thumbnail video .

Step by step guide to create a video thumbnail for YouTube: 

  • Head over to the Creator Studio and click on “Video Manager”

    While going from Head over to “Settings” and scroll to the “Thumbnails” section,you will find three options:

    1. Choose: This option will let you scroll through the video frame-by-frame to choose the image of your own choice and requirement.
    2. Random: You will get  eight random images for thumbnail selection, generated by Vimeo. And if you don’t find images of your choice , you can click again for new options.
    3. Upload: Third option is to upload your own custom thumbnail image (must be uploaded as a image file)

Note : Thumbnail images must be uploaded as an image file  (.jpg, .gif, sizes for YouTube video thumbnails)

  • Choose a video you would like to add a thumbnail image to

My advice for this section : Don’t go for a auto select  option

Your video thumbnail speaks more about your company than you realize. It highlights your brand. It’s what shows up in search results. And it can often determine if people even visit your website.

You should always try to use images from the actual content of your video because every video – even a “boring” video – has great moments. And if you are not able to find any  winning thumbnail by scrolling through the footage, you are recommended to re-shoot your video .Yes you should take another attempt to create a better version.

Be little smarter while choosing an animated video thumbnail:

It can be trickier while choosing an animated video thumbnail ; as a lot of shots look great in motion , but can seem flat as a static image.

Well  finding  the right image, creating your own custom thumbnail is a struggling issue for many ; need not to worry .There are various methods to do it. Free content creation tools like Canva or Adobe Spark are very helpful one for you to  get started as a beginner.

Create a storyline (being narrative)while creating a video thumbnail:

A thumbnail should tell a story. It should create a series of questions  like WHAT about it is ? HOW will it work ? WHEN to give result ? WHAT performance ? etc etc and audience should be eager enough to find the answers for their curiosity. So that they are compelled to watch next part of video .







Last but not the least important point is ” Writing The Headlines “

Its very important  to use text to make your thumbnail more informative, but at the same time you should not reveal the complete information , leave some room for mystery also .

Just start with a short and catchy  title to begin with.

Usually  for YouTube videos  70 characters (including spaces) is recommended.

While designing the text one should keep these points in mind :

  • Fonts should be bold and strong
  • Font colors should be in contrast against the background image
  • Titles should not cover more than 50 percent of the thumbnail image
  • Text should be relevant to the subject , it should not overpower the image
  • Here  you need to keep a balance so that you create a perfect blend of imagery and text, that can engage a viewer right from the beginning

These are few tips and key points to create an effective thumbnail.

  •  Finally  Click “Edit” and then choose your desired thumbnail
  • Click to save changes.

And you are ready to share your You Tube Video with an impressive Thumbnail.

And the final ball in the court : A thumbnail has great impact on SEO

Including video thumbnails is just like icing on the cake so far as video SEO strategy is concerned.

A video can help to improve your SERP rank. It  increases audience’s engagement.

Click-through rate is one of the signals that Google uses to rank content, so odds are that a good thumbnail can improve your video’s SERP prospects.

And you should  include your video (and the thumbnail) as part of your Google sitemap .

If you want to gain more , you should  include video into your homepage, landing page, or blog posts, and watch the clicks stack up with an enticing video thumbnail.

So designing a professional YouTube thumbnail not only helps to improve your channel’s brand, but it also attracts visitors and more eyes to your content.

Do you want to know more about how to start  creating a professional You Tube Thumbnail  please fill the form ,I will share with you a step-by-step guide on how to create thumbnails that stand out and get you more views.





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