An Interview with Ran Vijay: an emerging novel writer on the way to success.

Today I am delighted to share a very intresting interview with Mr. Ran Vijay an IES ( a product of BRAIN)~ cum~ a Writer (a product of HEART ).

Mr. Ran Vijay a  student of Science and Maths is an amazing personality having the beauty of technology and art combined.

Hope this interview will bring out a beautiful journey of the emerging writer and it will inspire many of us. 

So Let’s begin the interview .

Shweta :  Hi  Ran Vijay , firstly I would like to thank you for taking out your precious time for this text interview as due to your professional commitments  we could not have a Zoom interview . But atleast you managed for this ; thanks  a lot for this generosity

Ran Vijay :   Shweta its my pleasure to get this honour from my reader . Due to COVID I could not come for a Video interview which I would have loved to attend . Anyways I will give my best to make this a fruitful interview.

Shweta : So, without further ado , let’s start this interview with your Introduction and you journey so far.


Ran Vijay : Well I come from a small village in Faizabad ,which is now Ayodhya district in UP. Back in 1980s , when there were  no good infrastructure of education, a good thing happened in India infact a revolutionary step by government : establishment of  Navodaya Vidyalaya.

          Under a new education policy ” Navodaya Vidyalaya”  boarding schools  were opened in many districts of country by central government to provide free  education and free boarding facilities.

         I got an  opportunity to study there upto 12th standard and became pride of my parents and my village as I topped in school. CBSE honoured me with a merit certificate too in Maths subject.

Shweta : Wow that’s really a proud moment for you as well . So you were very much into the studies . You must have a goal of becoming an engineer , a doctor ? Right ? as that was the time when students have mainly two options : with Math engineering and with Bio medical exams .

Ran Vijay ; Ha ha very much true ! I had dreams in my eyes but my life was not totally scripted by me . But at the same time I believe in this …………

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Shweta : Great thought !!

Ran VijayYes nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

Shweta : That’s  really great ! So now come to next part of your journey

Ran Vijay : Yeah after  Navodaya Vidyalaya , it was again a difficult time for me .Students from my village were flocking to Allahabad for their graduation and further job opportunities, I too joined them . They all were pursuing arts subject, I was the only who opted science faculty .

Very next year in 1994 ,I got selection  in state  engineering entrance examination of UP . I went to GB pant university , Nainital  for B tech in Electrical engineering . Those 4 years of graduation were golden period of my life.

Shweta : So it must have been a milestone for your professional journey and you have tried for a job ?

Ran Vijay : No . After graduation I decided to give government  administrative jobs a try .

Fortunately my hard work rewarded me ; I qualified for IES and UPPCS in my first attempt in year 1999 examination Further qualified for CSE (IAS exam ) in my third attempt in 2001 examination.

I did not have a great rank in IAS exam, so was offered a inferior service to the one I already had as an  IES in 2000. Since then I am offering my services to  Railways , as a top officer in bunch of services in IES.

Shweta : That’s  a great achievement . Congratulations for that Ran Vijay .

Shweta : So how do you find this job of Railways? Is it satisfying? How is it compared with IAS, the other jobs that you aspired for?

Ran Vijay ; See Shweta , Its been now 20 years , I am into Railways. Practically speaking ,I would say that some portfolios of railway jobs are satisfying, they give you exposure and learning and  some are boring also . But in totality  it is ok .

     It will be said to be a satisfying career as it gives you power , status  of bureaucrat and at the same time decent salary and perquisites. So good  overall a nice job .

Definitely I aspired for IAS, which is a dream of many Indians .

It was also like that I had reached upto it and missed it by millimeters type.

IAS certainly had more public glare , power and say in overall policy making of India. Sometimes I feel that I should have taken a next attempt .

So far as salary and theoretical status is concerned , legally ,IES and IAS both are at equal footing for government of India.

Shweta :   True very true . Ok Ran Vijay just give a brief of your job profile.

Ran Vijay : Railways  is a vast network across length and breadth of country. It is also labour -centric . Officers have to  command a great manpower at their disposal .

The job of officer is management of men and material, for the smooth functioning of Rail System .

Since Railways is an organization , which runs 24 hours x 7days a week x 365 days, so practically officers are on duty not only during office hours , they have to stay on toes in night also .

A job with much responsibilities but each passing day without any mishappening give a happiness of accomplishment as well .

Shweta : That’s quite a tough job .

Ran Vijay : But a feeling of contentment is also there that gives you power to excel.

Shweta : Great ! So how come an IES become a WRITER ? What is the story behind it ?

Transition Period

Ran Vijay : Well , this has its roots in my childhood days. I had been very fond of reading story books since 3rd ,4th standard. I used to consume  all kind of stuff available in my home and in school.

This habit and this thirst for reading developed a deep love for literature . And I nurtured this passion during  my engineering days also. When I was appearing for  IAS examination, due to certain reasons , I dropped Electrical Engineering as my second subject and opted  Hindi literature in place of it. Maths was first subject. 

From that day on wards  , I studied literature in a systematic way and came to know about its vastness too. Gradually my  liking for the literature started increasing . And in this process of  changing the subjects , intense liking for Hindi literature …. you may call it a “transition periodsomewhere I realized  that I can also write some stories like these.

But my railways duties were  not giving me free time  or you may say quality and creative time to pursue my new found TALENT  which is I think an inborn talent of mine that was in sleeping mode.

But its never too late ; after 18 years of my service I published my first collection of Hindi Storiesदर्द मांजता है in 2018.

Shweta: Amazing ! please tell about your all books and any future projects?

Ran Vijay:  “दर्द मांजता है”was my first collection of short stories. And it was a sixer on the very first ball.

It was immensely popular among readers, and so it was among five most popular books in non English category on amazon in year 2018.

It had 10 stories which covered many colors of life : love , tragedy , compassion, court drama , railways corruption, banking ,relationship, extra marital relation etc . The stories had rawness in dealing and freshness in subjects .

Second collection of stories was दिल है छोटा सा” which released in march,2020. It has 9 stories with subjects of lust, love, deceit, cheating, hope, despair, envy etc. The book has been received well and continues to attract readers. It has a refined treatment of stories, characters.

A novel’ Dragon’s game; (in hindi only) is ready to be released. As soon as corona crises fades, the book shall be made public. It has a very different subject and very new and few for Hindi works. It is a fiction based on true events, basically a conspiracy theory work of intelligence operations by China in India. The novel is a thriller.   

Shweta: Quite interesting. Well  now tell us ; what motivates you, your motivational factors that drive you. 

Ran Vijay: All the motivation to work comes from the reward and inner satisfaction. When a good job , public job is conducted, it gives you back tonnes of inner satisfaction and lots of applause from the public.

Same goes for literature work, as well other work . And I believe one should keep doing good work , despite it not being given due recognition or appreciation.

Shweta: It is said : “Literature is mirror of the society “ ... what do you want to view in that mirror ?

Ran Vijay:  A society enjoys a literature ,when it associates with it. So it can be an image , aspirations or past of a society. Sometimes it also enjoys fantasy. For me literature have to be truthful in reflection of society . Sometimes it has to be positive in approach in constructing and sometimes it has to be just a teller of truth.

Shweta: A very enriched session we had .  So nice of you for giving your precious time and sharing your journey so far . Last but not the least any message for your reader .

Ran Vijay: Reading is a very good habit . Readers should consume qualitative subjects .

Dedicating time to reading each day, can open your mind to the wisdom of the greatest leaders, entrepreneurs, and thinkers of all time. So we should inculcate a passion for reading . 

And there is REAL YOU in yourself ; try to find it out , nurture your passion , follow your dreams , never ever leave a chance for this काश”…..

Shweta:  A  wonderful message . Can I guess it as your upcoming project …..

Ran Vijay:  Not really but a writer has many plots in his/ her mind .

Shweta: Thanks a lot Ran Vijay for enriching me and the readers with your inspiring story .

Ran Vijay: Pleasure is all mine !Thanks to you Shweta for this wonderful interview.

Stay safe ; keep reading !!!








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  • Praveen Yadav

    Very good text interaction. Frankly answered by Ranvijay Sir….He is all time inspiration for many aspirants from different fields. You always inspire me sir…..

  • Lipika

    That’s awesome Shweta Di and as a person n as an author I really admire him a lot .well absent n present mind of his makes him a instant “Hazir Jawab Insaan” . Although he has
    already reached the sky yet wishing him
    more good luck for his seventh cloud acheivements .

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