Hi all !!

I am Shweta Kumar completely in love with music !

My mom and dad always used to share my childhood stories with ;one of the best sharing was that when I was just few months old and was crying anonymously ,all efforts of my mom failed to calm me down ,suddenly on radio a song tuned and I stopped crying , they just mute it I started crying .Again they turned it on I was quite .And they had a realization of my love towards music and made it a practice to settle me down whenever required.

When I grew my Dad observed my inclination towards song . He used to tell me details of particular song , singers , lyrics and all .Actually he gave me the insight of song formation . And I came to know almost every famous song, movie has a story behind it with some twist . I found it very interesting . He developed a sense of artistic flavor in me to watch and listen Bollywood movies and songs . Lyrics started attracting me ; I encountered with the fact that I was able to write next line of songs and this slowly gave birth to a poetess in me .


With this platform I want you take to the world of music . I will be your Musical Tour guide. Together we will enjoy this trip . We will exchange our thoughts , information and musical vibes !!!

So fasten your belt soon we will have our first ride .