a divine gift which brings melodies to our life . It is not a human-tailored thing it has been borrowed from nature . Morning has a music of starting of the day in the form of chirping of birds ,soothing white noise ,rustling of leaves and so on . Every parts and parcels of this universe has a musical note . We human has copied it from them . We grow up with the melodious sound of our mother's lullabies : an unforgettable song of our lives . Then enjoy music of family ,brotherhood , friendship , hardship ,romance , success and it is an ongoing list .And somewhere one day we just start ignoring this music due to a so called busy schedule . But we forget music is…
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shiningstarshweta February 09, 2021 HEY WANT TO BECOME A BRAND ??? Yesss !!!!                                               Great    Well, what exactly do you mean by becoming a Brand ? A product which has a large consumer community who hardly gives a thought  about the second option ;Right ?  Or may be a product which has made its place in the market in such a way  that consumers just go for it by its name … Scott Cook says :   “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is —  it is what consumers tell each other it is.” yesss... many thoughts  like this but make it very simple ….in my words  A BRAND  IS : A Brand  Sells PRODUCT  & A Brand gains TRUST  Isn’t it sounding cool and…
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